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West By West 西​偏​西

by West By West

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哪呢 NaNe 04:48
惘 Destiny 03:32


Xi'an singer-songwriter and producer Wang XiXi, who operates under the name West By West, mesmerizes on her self-titled debut, out on Merrie Records. While the aesthetics of West By West’s music may be inherently digital, displaying a daft sense of rhythmic control and impeccable production, the emotions are vividly organic, rising and falling across the often treacherous musical terrain. Steeped in a moody haze of smouldering desire, fleeting moments, and hushed sorrow, there’s a haunting beauty to the emotional entanglements that crystallize across the album, leaving one with the sensation of punch-drunk love. Seductive in its pull, its spell lingers long afterwards.
(Will Griffith, Live CN Music)

West By West 是一位来自西安的女性唱作人,她巧妙地平衡着中文韵律的古典气质和电子乐铺陈的现代感,以极富表现力的唱腔与冷艳而脱俗的曲风,托起细腻而强烈的情感表达。2020 年 7 月在美丽唱片发行的《West By West 西偏西》是她的第一张全长专辑。专辑里的部分曲目曾以 demo 的形式发行 EP,而这一回的“去时髦化”重新制作让这张专辑更完美地呈现出这位唱作人的音乐全貌。
West By West 的名字源自希区柯克的电影《西北偏北》,她的音乐中也同样不乏悬疑气氛与戏剧张力;而韵味十足的中文歌词与写意留白的表达方式又凸显着 West By West 的东方美学。专辑中许多诗意化的歌词,都与中国古典诗歌中“睹物思情”的抒情传统相通:日出日落,花开花谢,人去人归,暗示着时间的流转与情感的无常,美好的时刻则如流星彩云,短暂而不可期。
人格与环境的割裂感,以及随之而来的“逃避”和“无奈”,也是专辑中时常出现的主题。《欢喜》中的“轻飘飘,脚下轻飘飘,没人追随也不敢跌倒”,直指生命中难以言明的存在之轻。此外还有对爱情的忠诚,对痛苦的感知,对内在世界的解析…… West By West 用一句句清晰的歌词诠释朦胧的内涵,为这些永不过时的话题留下丰富的解读空间。
罗可居的混音为专辑带来了些许迷幻气息,《你可以》《不要回头》中的静谧让人仿佛置身于双峰镇中有着深厚幕布的演出酒馆;而更多的情绪化表达则来自 West By West 内心深处的另类摇滚本色,《欢迎光临》暗潮汹涌的前奏,或是《等等我》急促甚至绝望的喘息,这些危险的信号都是歌曲中最抢眼的存在。多样的配器赋予专辑丰富的听觉感受,West By West 则在最恰当的时刻开口,为歌曲的主题提炼,结晶。
West By West 自视为一个“歌唱的人”,她以这张情绪饱满的中文专辑,发出她年轻、真诚的邀请:欢迎光临,请看看这颗心。


released July 23, 2020

Lyrics: West By West
Music: West By West
Arrangement: West By West (4,5,8,9,10), West By West/TBOR (2,3), TBOR (1,6,7)
All vocals: West By West
Guitar: West By West (4,6,9), Wang Dong (1,3)

Produced by West By West
Recorded by Meng Xianglun@Studio 21A
Mixed by Keju Luo
Mastered by Mark Bihler@Calyx Mastering
Designed by Nikko@Silversalt Lab


all rights reserved



Merrie Records 美丽唱片 Beijing, China

Merrie Records was established in 2019 by DForce Records/Douban Music team, one of China’s most forward-thinking music labels. Merrie Records hope to discover and promote the most creative forces in contemporary China.

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